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This is what Keith Hennessy had to say about last years event:

It “encouraged more questions than statements from an international group of curious citizens with overlapping experience in CI, tantra, BDSM, polyamory, performance, contemporary dance, tango, and various modes of healing and therapy. These questions inspired the most rigorous CI-based experimentation that I have ever experienced at any CI festival or intensive jam. Working through the abundant smorgasbord of divergent workshops, labs, jams, sex play spaces, discussions, shared meals, and a closing party/jam, our ideas about CI, gender, intimacy, sex, community, and solidarity were teased, stretched, questioned, deconstructed, affirmed, and reorganized. It was an unstable yet thrilling dance.”

— (Hennessy, K. Contact Quarterly, 2011)

For a more in-depth motivation of our work please visit last year’s site

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2010 Touch&Play Documentary

Watch a 30 minute mini-documentary of last year’s event in Berlin, including Oil Action

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2010 Touch&Play Gallery

Images from the 2010 Touch&Play Festival at Schwelle7 in Berlin. Oil Action, Late-night Jam, more soon.

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