The T&P Experiment

Touch & Play Experiment

To highlight the investigative spirit of the T&P project we’re creating a space where ‘professional’ dancers, players, body-workers, teachers, meditators, mediators, touchers, healers, sexers, jokers, communicators and researchers can explore the edges of contact in a rigorous and anarchistic space with equally inquisitive peers.

The T&P Experiment will run from 18-23 June and be in the same location as the festival. Saturday 18 is for arrivals, with an evening meal provided, followed by an introductory session. 19-22 June are the research days – some activities will be organised in advance on the basis of proposals submitted, others will arise spontaneously. There are several spaces available and there will generally be several things going on at once. 23 June is a transition day – for rest, personal reflection, or planning activities for the festival.

As a guide to the range of interests we hope to explore during the Experiment we’ve created the T&P spectrum below - applications in any of these areas are welcome (as are ones that mix several colours :-)

RED Aggression, playfighting, martial arts
ORANGE Emotions, relationships, role-playing
YELLOW Spirituality, contemplative dance, authentic movement, yoga
GREEN Sensuality, the senses, bodywork, nature
BLUE Play, non-verbal communication, therapy, personal development
PURPLE Sexuality, tantra
BLACK Power, dominance/submission, pain, BDSM
SILVER Performance, witnessing, the gaze
GOLD Academic research, documentation
PINK Politics, gender, community
S*P*A*R*K*L*Y Music & voice
WHITE Classical Contact, technique, physics

Please feel free include anything in your application which you think is relevant – an essay, links to websites, photos, information about performances/workshops

However, make sure you include:

  • a photo and short bio (max 150 words) for the “Who” page on this website
  • a description of what you could contribute to the festival e.g. teaching, facilitation, documentation, music, happenings
  • something about your current research interests and why you want to participate in the Experiment

Although there is no charge for participation in the Experiment, you are expected to also be attending the festival and will need to pay for that (€250,-). Your place in the Experiment will not be confirmed until we have received your festival payment. There are a few work exchange places available for people with limited financial resources and we have substantial fund available to help with your travel costs.

Click here to apply (applications should be sent before 31 March)

If you have further questions about the T&P experiment, email