Maya Gonzales Nieves

My name is Maya Gonzalez Nieves. I was born on December 25, 1978.

My career started when I qualified in artistic makeup and characterization in 2004. From there I entered the entertainment world studying theatre and performance – also contact, butoh and katakh dances.

I’ve explored techniques of manipulation of objects, specifically rings in rhythmic gymnastics.

Mixing all of this with energy study, to start an exploration beyond exhibitionist bodypainting: looking for healing to tracés of color. So started my self-taught study of Colour therapy and Morphopyschology of the face:initiating a laboratory of therapeutic exploration.

I invite you to share together this exploration playing the game of the color. Looking for the light and dark of the soul reflected in your eternal and sacred canvas, your body

One’s own constellation, exploring feelings and states: the purity of the single instant. So by connecting with your pure essence, create your work of art without title or name: creation of the State “be”.

Let’s play…

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Ring manipulation:

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