Who’s coming

Find out who will be teaching Intensives, Workshops and other events, and who is the Touch&Play team is.

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Intensive Teachers

Read about all the teachers at the 2011 Touch&Play Festival. Confirmed teachers include: Jess Curtis (USA), Astiko (Spain), Felix Ruckert (Germany), Jessica Walker (Spain)

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T&P Researchers

Wanna Be a T&P Researcher? We are now accepting applications to join the T&P Experiment and get the chance to explore the edges of Contact in a small group of teachers, performers and other dedicated touchers and players….

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The T&P Team

Daniel Hayes (Curator & Organiser), Jenny Moy (Co-curator & Co-organiser), Delta R’ai (Registration & Finance), Jan Boeschoten (Marketing), Frances d’Ath (Webdesign). Who is who and what are they doing at the T&P?

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