If you have trouble finding the venue please call Marc Guals: 665 829 739

Travel to Cardona

Cardona is about an hours drive from Barcelona with a 4daily bus services dropping you in the middle of the village, 2 minutes from the venue (check here for exact times).

It is also possible to take a commuter train to Manresa and then a bus to Cardona (Check here for train times).

Travel to Barcelona

Although we’re doing our best to reduce the carbon footprint of this event, it’s major impact will be travel by participants – therefore, please consider if it’s possible not to fly

Long distance buses are a cheap (if tiring) option between many European cities and train travel can be affordable if booked sufficiently in advance if you’re planning to drive, please offer space to other participants via our blog there are also some very good ride-sharing,

If you see no other option the nearest airports are: Barcelon, Girona & Reus

Ride Sharing

To encourage ride sharing below there is a comments and suggestions box for anyone traveling to of from the festival. In you message please state clearly:

  1. Searching/ Offering
  2. Date and Time
  3. Departure / Destination
  4. Number of spaces available

Comments and Suggestions

Martin Panla


I’m living in Brussels and search for one ride to the start of the T&P Experiment. So leaving Brussels 17th evening or 18th morning. If you are from somewhere else in Belgium that’s of course interesting as well.

greets Martin


Hello dear,
I’m living in Amsterdam and search for one ride to the start of the T&P Experiment. So leaving Amsterdam 17th evening or 18th morning. If you are from somewhere else in NLthat’s of course interesting as well.

warm greetz!



I’m offering a ride with my car (Opel Agila) from Wiesbaden/Germany to Cardona to the start of the T&P Experiment.
So leaving Wiesbaden on 17th early morning… If you are from somewhere else in Germany, NL,B,F,CH NL
You could join me by coming to Wiesbaden on 16th, staying for the night or I could pick you up on the way down
to Spain… But you need to have a valid driving licence… We will share gas and driving…
Please get in touch for play…
LOVE delta®


As the email is not shown in my offer, here clearly:


hello, i m looking for a ride to cardona on the 21th or 22th of june, i will come from hungary so austria, italy, switzerland, germany, france are on my way, so if you have free place for me on these days please let me know about it,

I’m travelling 19th June, should arrive Barcelona around 2 or 3, then heading to Cardona from there. If anyone’s on a similar schedule & would like to travel together say hi!

Hi, I am leaving today thursday 23rd evening from Barcelona and I have space on my car for 2-3 people.
If you are interested to come with me, give me a call on 935654240 or 635774410 or email: thank you