Play & Touch and Touch & Play – Karin Flores

The T&P Spectrum for this workshop is:

This photography project aims to go deep into the theme of the festival, taking the necessary care with the privacy and comfort of the participants. I propose to make an artistic documentary at the festival. I intend to show in a subtle way what is happening: offering and seeking appropriate occasions for the “click” to succeed.

This artwork has the purpose of showing a new vision of documentation, a photographic experiment, with whoever has the will and readiness to participate, we will together portray an original festival. Some points:

  • Seeking to portray each colour theme of the festival
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere for photo shoots: costumes, lights and conducive situations
  • Taking necessary precautions regarding the privacy of participants;
  • I want to be inside the festival; I don’t intend to invade others space

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