Jocasta and Indra Crofts

Jocasta and Indra Crofts

I started my physical life climbing trees as a tomboy, doing cartwheels along ropes on the grass and graduated to dancing in discos. I knew I wanted to do something physical, like be an aikdo master or an intense yogi. I ran away with the circus to climb ropes. I soon found my body really hurt and I wanted to find how hard and soft forms of movement fit together. I fell in love and began to practise Tantra.

At 30 I gave up Circus to go to Outokumpu New Dance School, Finland. So I began to dance inside as well as upside down in the air. By 34 I was tired and gave it all up to mediatate in India…in movemnt and in stillness. I became a healer and body worker, I also trained to work with babies in Movement and through massage. I hit 40 and got pregnant.

I am now a single mama, dancing contact, giving body work sessions to babies and people of all sizes and ages. Plus: I am a somatic educator and an Infant movement educator through the School of Body Mind Centering.

Teaching: Finland, Bristol, Ibiza.

I am newly a Mama to Indra

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