Felix Ruckert

Felix Ruckert is a dancer, choreographer, and conceptual artist. His experimental dance pieces and installations, his participatory work, but also his choreographies for ballet companies earned him an international reputation as an innovative contemporary choreographers.

Since 30 years he is interested in all sort of body techniques. He studied ballet, modern and contemporary dance, Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Chi Kung Tantra, Kyudo and much more. He worked as a dancer with several renowned european companies ( Pina Bausch, Mathilde Monnier, VA Wölfl), before concentrating on choreography and conceptual work.

For ten years he has also be involved in a practical and theoretical investigation of BDSM and explores connections between BDSM techniques and artistic practices, developing an art and philosophy of sensual  communication.

He directs the performance space schwelle7 in Berlin and curates and organizes the annual festival xplore.



www.xplore- berlin.de