Kim Lasdon

Kim Lasdon has been dancing CI for 9 years and wiggling for 37. She has studied dance with Nancy Stark-Smith, Martin Keogh, Gretchen Spiro, Mark Zemelman, Kirstie Simson, Keith Hennessey, Eckhard Mueller and Daniela Schwartz and clowning with Patch Adams. Originally from Austin, TX, she currently resides in Madison, WI. She is an active organizer in the Madison Jam community, with Great Lakes Area CI Enthusiast Retreat and Midwest CI Teachers Exchange. She has performed with the Red Herrings, Deerheart Dance, Bobby McFerrin and stiltwalks with the Jolly Giants. Kim has taught classes/workshops/jams to all levels of movers ranging from CI safety 101 to the Underscore. Along with teaching/facilitating CI, she has taught workshops and created curriculum for groups on non-violent conflict resolution, clowning, paper arts, printmaking, and Klezmer dance/music/culture. She is currently a student of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, but her true goal is embodying the compassionate trickster.

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