Tantric Doorways into Contact — Jocasta Crofts

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Tantric Doorways into Contact — Jocasta Crofts

My name is Jocasta. I practise Tantra, both couples, singles and solo work. So far a large part of my journey has been about sexual healing. So now I also offer that to others. To me Tantra is a way of living life as well as a meditative practise. My experience of it is that it includes everything, every feeling, thought, emotion or state can be a doorway into Tantra.

It is all life energy – When you welcome what is there and go with it, you release that energy and can use it to dance through a door. Tantra includes sexuality and harnesses it’s energy, because sexual energy is base life energy.

I feel Contact Improvisation and Tantra are often dancing hand in hand inside of me. I would like to offer a space to go deep into meditative practises using breath, opening the senses, working with the energy that is generated by the male/female polarity, moving energy through the body centers of the Chakras. All these will be our doorways to open our dance, alone or together.

The space will be intimate, experiential, in movement and in stillness. It will be held as ritual sacred space. A balance of men and women would be ideal.

My relevant experience:


  • 1 year couples training with Sky Dancing Uk.
  • Lots of singles work with Geho, Sarita and Margo Anand.
  • Many hours of homeplay with my beloved, other people and by myself.
  • Tantric healing massage sessions – 4 hand or solo sessions.

Contact Improvisation

  • Dancing it since 1996 – 3 years in Outokumpu dance school, Finland.
  • Many visits to Earthdance
  • Teachers worked with: Nancy Stark Smith, Martin keogh, Ray Chung, Charley Morrissey and more…
  • Attending festivals:Freiburg, Earthdance, Nim, Gottingen, Ibiza, London, Burning man
  • Organising: Bristol regional jams

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