Tantra: Movements of the Soul — Xavier Domenech

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In this proposal, we aim to work out how we experience our soul, spirit or essence, in relation to our sexuality and our masculine and feminine poles. In that way we connect with the truth of the movement of our body. We don’t propose to create a way of being and relating. It is a proposal that aims to discover which is now, this moment, our most intrinsic way of relating, marked in our present attitude in life. Once we know which is the way we relate, we can provide more presence and love, and it will grow by itself, it will blossom on its own. We will create a space with minimum intention, that will help us to recognize our innermost movements of the soul.

We will explore these movements:

  • My relationship with my sex
  • My sexuality outside
  • The relationship between my inner man and my inner woman
  • Tantra, love and sex

We will create a space where love enters sexuality. Sexual energy is being repressed for centuries within ourselves, in our society and our way of relating. It is the most basic of our energies, and this can only grow and expand through one way: Love. Love yourself, love your sexual energy, breathe it, feel it, embrace it, give it space to express how it feels, what is bothering it and what is what it really likes. Don’t force it to anything, make it your friend. The human body and sexuality is an extremely sensitive organism. It should be loved, honored and taken care off. When you start to love your sexuality, it begins to take the space it deserves and that’s when it really happens. Mystics call it transformation.

We will explore:

  • Embracing our sexuality
  • Connecting the heart with the sex
  • Awakening the inner lover

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