Richard Sarco-Thomas

I grew up in a small town on the edge of Dartmoor national park in Devon UK. Since I was a young boy I have always held a deep reverance for nature and being in it. I spent my childhood climbing trees, observing miracles and daydreaming in hay barns in the summer… oh, and being a naughty boy from time to time too.

I have always enjoyed painting, drawing and being creative. I studied graphic design at college for three years before quitting to start a family. I am a father of two, a gardener, a toucher and I love to play.

I have always been nourished by solitude and have meditated on and off all of my life. I’ve studied martial arts collectively for more than fifteen years and Ki Aikido for almost a decade. I have been practicing CI regularly and vigorously for seven years, and I still climb trees to this day.

Things I do

Ki Aikido practitioner/teacher

Contact improvisation practitioner/teacher

Former co-organiser of the Dartington weekly contact jam and now the University College Falmouth weekly jam/class

Co-organiser/creator Contact Festival Dartington UK

Ki oriented bodywork practitioner/healer

Co Creator of the TWIG Project: Together We Integrate Growth–Together-We-Integrate-Growth/

Inspiring people

Malaika Sarco-Thomas, Sensei John Stoner, Sensei Brian Kelly, Kirstie Simpson, Charlie Morrissey, Daniel Lepkoff and all good parents.

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