Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson is an independent dance artist based in London. He teaches improvisation and contact improvisation in Higher Education and in a variety of settings in the UK and abroad. Robert has been passionately involved with contact improvisation since 1996 studying with leading teachers from the US and Europe (including Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, Martin Keogh, KJ Holmes, Andrew Harwood and Ray Chung).

Robert has taught at international contact festivals in Germany, Israel, Poland, Russia, Spain and Italy and participated in co-teaching gatherings in Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, England and Austria. He was part of the organising team for CI36 in Pennsylvania (2008) and the European Contact Improvisation Teachers

Exchange in Ormskirk, England (2009). He performs with Touchdown Dance and improvisation ensemble SoFt. In teaching dance improvisation Robert seeks to help students find deeper connections through our senses, inviting pleasure, play and poetry for the dancing body.

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