Milla Caputte

Milla Caputte has a degree from Angel Vianna Contemporary Dance School and a post-graduate qualification in Therapy Through Movement. She studied theatre at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She has also studied classical singing, folk singing and belting.

Milla has been working as actress, dancer and singer in Brazil and France since 1992. She has experience with Authentic Movement, Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals, Alexander Technique, Reiki, and Brazilian Shamanism.

This research work started in 2007, during my degree in dance at the  Angel Vianna Faculty, Brazil. I tried to find a point of intersection between the arts of the body: drama, singing and dance. I am interested in understanding what might happen in the space BETWEEN the arts, where and how they can meet. In my country I generally only saw this research in musical theatre but I felt that the contemporary dance and theatre could also include voice as an instrument of expression.

Later I started teaching classes combining vocal techniques and body expression and I realized that exploring the voice-body through emotions was an activity suitable not only for artists but for everyone seeking better quality of life. The voice-body work was resulting in the release of emotions and hence in behavioral change for some students: so I realized the therapeutic nature of my work.

In following years, I did some faculty classes in Contact Improvisation and went to jams. Gradually I noticed that this technique is not an end in itself: it is primarily a philosophical-political movement that creates new possibilities to experience relationships in the present moment! The Movement of Contact Improvisation redesigns what the philosopher Felix Guattari calls the “three ecologies”: the relation of the subject with himself, with others and with the environment in which he lives.

From this observation, I began to develop the voice work together with Contact Improvisation, with each mover having the opportunity to express himself in the role that suits him at each moment. In a Jam (wheel improvisation/round robin) we can be movers, spectators or players. My proposal is to investigate the barriers that still separate us from our potential to be united: at the same time spectators, musicians and movers, regardless of the role we are playing at any given moment.

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