No Love Without Jealousy, No Jealousy Without Love — Paulina Święcańska

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This motto comes from Violetta Villas song from the 70’s. Does love have to be connected with jealousy and jealousy with love also in the 21st century? Maybe it would be better to transform jealousy and all the expectations, resentments and regrets which come with it. Maybe it is better to investigate together your needs, desires and physical fascinations. Observe, name, experiment, without needless judgment, so that jealousy transforms into a game.

During my workshop on the Touch and Play festival I will present ways of transforming jealousy, using games and exercises. In conditions of common trust and security we will try to observe, analyze and understand our partners’ and chiefly our own fascinations and needs.

The other person is our mirror, in which we see clearly our weakness, imperfectness and strong points as well. It is always better to take a closer look at them and to understand, than to pretend that they don’t exist. During the workshops we will try to go beyond the illusion of our beliefs about ourselves and the other person. Playing a game with our own demons (one of them is jealousy) is one of the elements which can heal a relationship. During the process we will touch tenderly different problems which may appear in a relationship between two people; the exercises may be continued and tested individually with the partner.

The workshop is directed to pairs and people in relationships, but also to all the single people who are planning long-term relationships.

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