Jessica Walker

Jessica Walker (Chile, Spain). I have a Masters degree in theater performance by the University of Chile. I lived in the Atacama Desert for experiential and healing work from the Mother Peace Tarot. For the last 20 years I have been linked to experimental theater projects as well as dance and corporal drama mime.I was a founding member of the company “Teatro del Silencio”, to which I belonged 10 years, whose language of gesture and emotion led us to be the group’s most important experimental theater in Santiago de Chile. From 1990 to 1998 we toured in America, Europe and Africa. In 1996, I created and directed the gesture theater company “Los de Abajo” in Paris. My most recent works are: Laboratory Hamlet II” and “Noe … in the course of the water we are all thought ” 2003, 2004.

Simultaneously I have researched the language of the body, searching for the origin of the method to connect technical and spirit: work with Le Théâtre du Mouvement, Circus Russian Popov, Topeng, Katakali, Ayurvedic massage in India, Bhutto with Carlota Ikeda… I am  a Kundalini yoga instructor, kinesiologist, floral therapist geocromotherapist and ten years ago I created the dramatic body language laboratory. Currently I conduct spiritual healing therapies and prepare my next job: “Lab-Hamlet III.”