The Biggest Playground! – Martin Panla

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is beautiful, is noisy and silent. Play is a door that leads to the present. Play is the antidote to patterns and concepts. Are shoes made for walking and bus stops for waiting? Let’s forget what we’ve learned and discover the biggest playground!


the street sign, the bus-stop and the tree in the park. Melt into your surroundings, enter the flow of images. Touch the magic world underneath everyday life.

This workshop mixes elements from Physical Theatre, Clowning and Contact Improvisation. We’ll explore the borders between play and reality, inner and outer world. What does it mean to play outside defined spaces, to enter everyday environments? When the group becomes a swarm, are our minds going to touch?

Can play be a door to altered states of consciousness?

During the first part we connect as a group and then with the world around us. We’ll explore how by opening our perception we can transform the group into a swarm and the world into a playground.

In the second part we’ll leave the workshop area and courageously set out to play. An object, a plant, a wall or a street sign. They all can be our partners and the starting points of a collective image.

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