Xavier Domenech

Xavier Domenech

Tantra Facilitator. After a mystical and spiritual awakening at the age of 16 he decides to devote himself totally to the encounter with The Being. The basis of his meditation lies in Tantra, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

He is also trained in Quiromassage, Shiatsu, Acupuncture (Akenabe system), Reiki, Family Constellations, Pulsation, Codependency and healing the inner child. First Dan black belt.

He has been trained with the best national and international teachers in Spain, India, Netherlands and Greece. He lives between India, Ibiza and Barcelona. He runs courses throughout Spain and India.

Over ten years of experience, he enjoyed to accompany thousands of people to blossom. He has facilitated over 200 workshops, residential or not, from one day to 1 week and he has continuously provided weekly lessons for over ten years.

Osho lover. He loves Contact Improvisation.

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