Drama and Contact – Sonja Bruhlman

The T&P Spectrum for this workshop is:

Improvisations can lead us into an altered state of consciousness, a state of heightened senses, spontaneity and responsiveness. Often, in Contact impro we emphasize the body and its physical sensations. Drama improvisation offers us the opportunity of exploring different characters and emotions. I am curious to see if it is possible to bring the two worlds together. Borrowing from drama techniques, through image, memory work and playful improvisations we can access different sides of ourselves that can be used to play a character.

I would like to explore what happens if we take these images, emotions and qualities of different characters (and ultimately ourselves) into a contact encounter (a physical encounter of two people). In other words: how can allowing us to live emotions expand the possibilities of finding different qualities in the dance? And vice versa, how can the touchability that we experience in contact help us to find authenticity in acting?

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