Guto Macedo

Movement Researcher, Theater Director, Choreographer, Actor-Dancer and Somatic Practitioner, One of the creators of The International Authentic Movement Meeting (Wien/2008/2009/2010 and Montenegro/2011)

• graduated in Theater Arts as theater director at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (RJ/2006);

• scholarship in the Jeniffer Muller & The Works Foundation (NYC/1985 a 87); he studied Contact Improvisation with Nina Martin, Lisa Nelson, Nancy Stark Smith, Daniel Lepkof, K.J. Holmes, Keith Hennessy, Nita Little, Martin Keogh and Ray Chung.

• He studied: Capoeira, Chi-Quong, Tai-Chi-Chuan, Physical Training to the Actor, Biomechanic and Real Time Composition;

• He presented the Authentic Contact at International Contact Improvisation Festivals: in Freiburg/Germany/2008, in Rio/Brazil/2008/09/10/11, in Buenos Aires/Argentina/2010, in Montevidéu/Uruguai /2010, in São Paulo/Brazil/2011; and at the International Encounter of Authentic Movement in Vienna/Austria/2008/09/10.

• He was invited to exchange professional experiences at the Festival of The Center of Contact Improvisation and Performance Development in Moscow/Russia/2010.,

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