Jenny Moy

Jenny Moy: co-curator & co-organizer. Jenny discovered Contact five years ago and has found it a deeply transformative spiritual practice. She also worships with the Society of Friends (Quakers) – a similarly non-hierarchical, non-creedal, improvisational community.

Jenny Moy

Taken at the London jam by Sebastian Luzzi

Jenny participated in Touch & Play 2010 and was hugely inspired (and occasionally terrified) by people’s willingness to take risks and experiment . After also participating in a Touch & Play base group at ECITE 2010, which provided a more reflective container to work with the same material, she offered to get involved with organising the 2011 event. We hope that the new structure – with the festival preceded by the Touch & Play Experiment, where the teachers can spend a week researching  together beforehand – will create a safe space for deep exploration.

Jenny has also edited the video from the 2010 festival accessible from this site.

NB If you’ve got no idea what Quakerism is, there’s a good explanation on