Federico Finamore

I lived in India where I worked on finding my inner side and health. I learned Ayurvedic Yoga Massage technique with its creator Kusum Modak. I also practice other forms: Thai Foot Massage (trained in the Wat Po Chiang Mai Temple); Californian massage and Lomi Lomi.

I worked with masters of different yoga practices until I found kundalini. I am an instructor and Ihave been working during many years in a variety of CI festivals in the mornings looking for the best way to start the day and awake the bodies that dance non stop with harmony.

I am a Deeksha giver ( transference of divine energy) a training that I did during my three years atOneness University India.

I work with shilling bowls and bells the sound (Naad) achieving a celular healing in the subtle body, helping each other to access different cerebral waves (betha alpha theta delta) and increase healing in the left frontal area of our brain.

CI opened a world of amazing options to experiment with improvisation in this dance that I’m investigating with different great masters (Nancy Stark Smith, Jeff Bliss, Daniel Lepkoff,Angela Doni, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung among others) and at the same time to relate all these techniques and make with them a big combo of healing.

I also participated in the formation of the experimental-impro theatre company ”Laboratorio” in Barcelona  2004-07

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