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What might you find in the 2011 Touch&Play Festival?

  • More Oil: Yes, yes, You know what we’re talking about. Michael and Maren can’t be with us this year, but we’ve thought of various ways to continue to play with the concept
  • Bodypaint Play: We’ve already tried this out at the [name of your community] and after exploring it further at the T&P Experiment  we plan to share it with you at the Festival.
  • Bonobo Garden: Bonobo’s are a type of chimpanzee that use physical affection and food-sharing to create strong group bonds
  • Altered States: inspired by the Contact Camp at the Burning Man festival we will be experimenting with jamming  in altered and enhances states of consciousness…
  • Archetypes and role play: Bring your own mask/costume or find one in the props room . . .
  • Playroom: we will be setting up a space for the kids inside all of us to come out and reign free.
  • Red Room: A tantric space explore more sensual and sexual sides of touch
  • Black Room: A place to play with power and pain, constraint and freedom, domination and submission
  • White Room: A silent, beautiful space for meditation or relaxation
  • Explorations on the street and in nature: We will try to organize some small excursions to the impressive medivieval castle next to the vilage and the beautiful salt mines and refreshing lake also close to the venue
  • Hammam: If construction goes to plan we will have at our disposal a number of fully equipped Turkish baths right in the basement of our little palace (details to follow)