Marina Kronkvist

I am
…mother of two boys.
…working with body and movement awareness, core stability and massage.
…director of non-profit organization Gnist – care & culture.
…director of Heartpeople cooperative
…writing a Masters in aesthetics about sexuality, art, life in the university of Helsinki.
…part of a community that has just bought land for living and working in Finland.
…working with groups and individuals on sexuality and sensibility.
…working with art.

In 2007 I published my book ‘Hon som fick veta’. I wanted it to be a book for children, instead it became a book written by a child. In the story, a little girl knows that her parents will die soon. Accepting that she knows intensifies life and time. The story is about the gifts and pains I’ve integrated from the experience of death in my family at an early age. Love-Play is the gift.

Personally I started practicing Tantra with teachings from different masters in 1998. This includes Tantra inspired by Osho and Barry Long. In 2009-2010 I did a training in Sexuality and Sensibility in Sweden. www.sexsibility.comor This training included a variety of tantric, taostic teachers including Barbara Carellas, Prem Gitama, Johan Ekenberg to name a few.

Information on the web:

Reptilian brain in practice: Chicken Game: a game I facilitated at an art-event in Berlin Feb 2011

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