Marina Tsartsara

I am a cross-disciplinary artist (BA Dance and Visual Art-University of Brighton, MSc Screendance-University of Dundee). My tools are fine arts, visual arts and the art of movement for making live performance, screendance and live installations. I am a certified Somatic Movement Performer and I am training in Skinner Releasing technique and Body Mind Centering.

In movement I have trained with artists as Charlie Morissey, Simone Forti, Kirstie Simson, Lizzy Le Quisne, Gaby Agis and more.I currently live in Brighton (UK) where I am supported by South East Dance and The Nightingale Theater. I lately received and Arts Council England Grant for the arts for the production and touring of my current live installation ‘par-A-phrase’.

I have exhibited/performed in venues such as CCCB (Barcelona), Pia Almoina Museum (Barcelona), Athens Biennale, London Biennale, Tate Modern, Teatro Vascello (Rome), Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia (Venezuela), Moves Festival (Liverpool), IDN Festival (Barcelona) and the National Review of Live Art (Glasgow), Zip Contact Impro Festival (Orvieto), etc.

Marina will be coordinating video documentation of the festival

read about her ‘Framing the Senses’ proposal here