Intimacy Lab – Karl Frost

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Karl Frost Intimacy Lab(a 2.5 to 3 hour facilitated lab during the festival)

While the basis of contact practice is a study of the physics of bodies in contact, there arise issues of intimacy, sexuality, sensuality. Places that we go through trigger us emotionally or physically, we connect to each other in these modes, we create physical images that can be perceived through these lenses.

There are often mixed messages (both in different people in the group or within us as individuals) about what to do with this, and at least one of these voices judgmentally denies a place for them in the dance.

In this lab, there is an invitation to look through these lenses of intimacy, sexuality, and sensuality, as well as the nameless other states and emotions that may intersect with these territories. We explore contact improvisation, but for this lab, we will allow ourselves personally to open these doors for our own perception and processing.

The framework is simple. We will talk for an half hour or so about issues, feelings, experiences. Then, we will have an open jam for one and a half hours or so. Then we will come together to talk again about or experiences for an half hour. While there is an invitation to look at issues of intimacy, and an openness to explore them at the jam, there is no expectation about how this is to be done, nor an expectation to “be intimate” in any particular way. We can not predict chemistry and are not expected to force anything. There is simply opportunity to open questions physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

See Intimacy Lab website for details.

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