Sensual Extremes- Felix Ruckert

An introduction to BDSM Play

The abbreviation BDSM stands for three distinct but related terms:
Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and Sadomasochism.
It is an umbrella term that includes any mutually pleasurable sexual
activity between consenting adults, that involves dominant and submissive
role-playing, physical restraint, or pleasurable pain. It always involves an
exchange of power between two people that is erotic for both. BDSM is an
intimate journey that people take together, a journey that allows them to
explore the boundaries of pain and pleasure, the limits of their minds and
bodies, and even altered states of consciousness.

In this workshop series Felix draws the connections between his work as a
dancer and choreographer and his research in the field of sexuality,
especially the BDSM ritual. We will start from Body Practices such as Dance,
Yoga and Feldenkrais. Those techniques will provide a common body language
and a ground of physical stability, consciousness and well-being. They will
be investigated in terms of their differences and similarities to SM
techniques, such as Bondage, Pain Play, Power Exchange etc.. Further on the
workshop offers the opportunity to discover – and experiment – with these
BDSM techniques and Felix specific approach to them. The workshop explores
in a playful way issues like dominance and submission, pain and pleasure,
control, responsibility, intuition, ecstasy, intimacy, permeability, trust
and devotion.

A lot of exercises will deal with taking care of your partner’s feelings as
well as your own, and the ability to clearly communicate fears and limits.
The work is about a better understanding of the unison of mind, body and
soul. About the synergies between creative and sexual impulses. The
analytical approach provides a safe ground to allow the uncontrolled happen.
The mindfulness of clear tasks and exercises offers a frame to let intuition
guide you. This is not about blurring differences, but rather about
highlighting them. The workshop provides the possibility of intense
learning and the exquisite joy of experiencing something totally unfamiliar.
Felix Ruckert aims at exploring and developing the BDSM ritual as an art
form. His approach is marked by his keen sensibility of the connections
between time, space, emotion, and sensation.

The Workshop participants will be encouraged and guided to develop their own
material into highly individual scenes and compositions. This workshop is
geared toward people with the maturity and motivation for intense physical
and emotional experiences. It is conceived for BDSM beginners who are
looking for a safe and relaxed atmosphere to begin their exploration. For
dancers and performers it provides new views on the body- mind relation and
an enormously interesting source of inspiration. Every lesson will approach
a different aspect, and there for can be taken individually.

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