The Sensory-Motor Loop – Beu Tornaghi

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EcoCreative Research focusing on/through the sensory-motor loop challenging understandings and questioning perception, balancing attention and intention.

This research is about delving into the sensory-motor cycle, that is the relationship between perception and action, as constructing an understanding of the world. The focus goes to the relationships of the body in nature - recognizing that everything is interconnected and every body-microcosm is indeed a component of other body-macrocosm (and vice versa, to the immeasurable).

Using information such as anatomy, physiology, ecology, to give directions to follow through in the research, experiencing concepts with embodiment, creating an inventory of affinities and metaphors inherent to the cyclical patterns that can be observed in the micro and the macrocosm.

Fostering the intention of listening, it is quite essential to this work to maintain a direct relationship with nature (and having the least possible urban interference). The search for a state of perception out of the ordinary, where the boundaries of perception and action, expression, become diffuse and questionable, input and output melt into one another, accepting the vulnerability of the state of “not knowing”, “non-doing”, and perhaps to ”non-being.” BEING THE MOMENT.

The demand for different qualities of presence is a central idea in Improvisation. Experimenting with different focuses and parameters to react to the present moment, we establish the scores that make space for the freedom of new perceptions and behaviors.

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