Gaming Emotions – Bertrand Kludor

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Gaining stronger emotions, instead of taming emotions. The workshop seeks to enlarge personal and collective emotional playing fields on two traces. The first trace sharpens basic emotions and translates them into movements and contacts. The second trace introduces different types of games to enrich the playful site of emotional contact improvisation.

°1 EMOTIONAL BODY FRAMING – Our bodies hide our deep emotional grammar. We sharpen awareness and communication of our six basic emotions joy, anger, disgust, sadness, fear and surprise. By adapting our bodies to the various emotional states we plunge into these different moods. Reverse body reading is one way to induce emotions deliberately. We focus on core patterns of body language (f. ex. closing, crossing, expanding) and facial expressions. We experiment with different emotional touches and other contacts.

°2 GAMESTORMING – Having sharpened our basic emotional states, we start to construct new realities, where to use them. We play with different types of games like competition (agon), chance (alea), simulation (mimicry) and vertigo (ilinx). Being a child every moment in life is part of an interesting game. We make up our own rules. The technique of gamestorming tries to chase away the parents in our heads

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