Authentic Contact — Guto Macedo

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Authentic Contact is an investigation based on the encounter of Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation that I’ve been doing since 2003 in partnership with Soraya Jorge, Authentic Movement Introducer in Brazil. She attended the Authentic Movement Institute(CA/ USA)) and worked with Janet Adler, the creator of the Authentic Movement System, for 8 years in the nineties.

Short Description

The setting of work I created with Soraya Jorge is not Contact Improvisation or Authentic Movement. It is a relationship that is established between the forms, the intersection, the sharing, the hybridization. It is not one or the other. In Authentic Contact, there is no loss of the point of view of each approach, although it demands detachment from their original forms.

Long Description

What is it to be a witness? How does the witness influence the establishment of a group mind, a shared energy? Can we move and be a witness at the same time? How can we share the witnessing through the movement? How can the re-cognition of the personal physical limits be a focus of amplitude of space and movement (internal and external)? How can we keep researching intensities widely touched by emotions, sensations, feelings, thoughts,…?

The alchemy of our affections goes across borders, perspire, in the blank of our meetings, the continuous change of skin, the deepness of ours folds.

We are going to explore many possibilities to be alive with these questions in the movements: to be and at the same time share the experience, to see and to be seen, to touch and be touched, to invite and to be invited, etc.,… not in an absolute sense, but as the emergence of a moment that is always in process. This embodied experience in the tactile space of the dance will offer us the potential to act on new levels of physical play and also on new levels of embodied involvement.

From Authentic Movement, we bring the concept of witness and the appropriation of judgment as part of the work in Movement Conscience. From Contact Improvisation, we bring the exploration of the biomechanical possibilities of the improvisers (touchers), the process of combining masses and weights as part of the way to improve the perception in the dance: new dovetails, flights, rolls and falls are not compulsory; they are only possibilities.

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