Connecting to your colours – Maya Gonzales Nieves

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Connecting to your colours - Maya Gonzales Nieves

PROPOSAL: one or more sessions of therapeutic bodypainting

Looking for ways for individuals to draw on the large canvas of their body with their own emotions and momentary states: breaking through barriers of fear and introversion.

As we already know, there are a lot of associations with each color and how we react emotionally to each one, they influence us so much and we hardly realize. The experiment is a personal and group therapy for and with others establishing the reality of your time and your time of healing. The color works entirely by direct contact with the body: bringing to light the canvas in places where we need to heal.


An introduction connecting with your colours inside and outside the Rainbow that creates color, meditation and breathing.

Each choose two colors one clear and one dark.

Choose a part of your body from top to bottom, and paint two colors: one in one area and one in another.

All this is is guided with k jachadur music. As the music changes, connect with another person. This new person continues to paint the canvas of your body with their dark and clear colour. Creating in each stroke a ying yang of color.

Continuing into the next change, choose an area of your body without paint and connect with another person…



This would be a jam of improvisation with painting.

Leaving colors in different parts of the game space.

From here a more free-form structure but also guided by music.

Community paint job  to achieve a group canvas, they are all the colors, and all propositions…

Throughout the game with free movement.

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