Rachel Dean

Rachel Dean is a dance artist based in Leeds, UK. She graduated from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2006 and now performs, teaches and choreographs. She has a particular interest in Contact Improvisation and has practised for ten years. She is passionate about sharing her love of dance and has teaches regularly.

She interested in: Connections; dancing with people; growing things; facilitating; working out how to do this better; structures that make power visible; conversations that come from something physical; starting from the smallest things; experience; sensation; interaction and building from there; falling; spinning; twisting; getting disorientated; efficiency; doing just the right amount; controlling less; leaving more potential for the unknown; recognising when she feels safe, confident and trusting in herself and others; playing on the edge of this; contexts, funding, power; Contact Improvisation as a whole different framework for meeting, communicating, being; meetings where all have equal possibility to change and create.


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