Embodying the Human Chemistry of Movement and Communication — Dieter Rehberg

The T&P Spectrum for this workshop is: , ,

Through sensing, touching, sounding and creative imagination we try to get in touch with the oldest communication system of our body: the fluid system between and in our cells. Through embodying these chemical patterns of communication such as:

taking in / letting go
opening / closing
aggression / defending
bonding / destroying
surrender / resistance
push / pull
desire / dislike
boundaries / membranes

we will notice the relationship of these patterns to our movements, dances, relationships with other people and our activity in the world. Further on we will focus on , and embody, the chemistry of our glands and hormones. We will explore their energetic relationship, their relationship to other body parts and systems, their relationship to developmental movement patterns and contact improvisation, and their esoteric and personal meaning.

We will jam and have fun!

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