The Voice-Body through Emotions – Milla Caputte

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What happens at the meeting of one or more bodies in space? And if the voice joins the play?

The workshop “Voice-body through the emotions” invites you to dive into our invisible body: the voice. A free body is a fertile ground for a free voice. The sound produced and resonated by a body-tool runs through the physical space in the form of vibratory waves, reflecting your current emotional vibrational-state. Therefore, experiment with emotions becomes a valuable tool to access internal and external spaces previously not covered by the sound-motion. Through movement (contact improvisation) and sound (basic voice techniques) we can transition between various states of being, expressing our creative totality.

When we are in a continuous movement flow, we enter into a meditative state where we become the agent of the action and at the same time a conscious witness, leaving the duality of everyday mind that fragments facts into right and wrong. All happenings are part of a spiral where everything is positive and negative; everything is a duality within the unity that is perfection!

The voice is one more palette of colors that can be used in this context of dancing the present moment. Practising listening to one another and yourself until there is no more separation creates a unique movement-sound body traversing the time-space.

The “Voice-body through the Emotions” workshop intends to investigate the state of the body as flesh, bone, emotion and sound!

There are voices that sing and move in me and I just open space to their expression and existence!

Purpose: awakening the expressive freedom that exists in each one of us through contact improvisation and through the connection with our capacity to produce infinite sounds

For whom: all people in the path of self-knowledge, not necessarily with previous experience in contact improvisation andor voice work

Conclusion: at the end of the course we will make a big wheel (round robin), where participants take turns between three roles: mover, spectator and sounder. The sounders will improvise around a Brazilian ritualistic song learned in class.

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