Pain Processing – Felix Ruckert

The T&P Spectrum for this workshop is:

Pain can stimulate awareness, trigger trance and create relieve. Pain can
make you feel strong, powerful and present. It is all about technique. The
art, the knowledge of the active part is to administer pain in the right
amount, in he right moment, on the right spot. To read the body of the
partner, to understand his or her reactions. The art of the passive part is
to invite the pain, to process and to transform it. Only for a few lucky
people pain directly creates sexual arousal. Most people prefer pain
combined with sensual touch and comfort. In the workshop we will learn the
right balance between malice and  care that creates an intense and
potentially ecstatic experience. 

We will work with different sources of pain, like whips and floggers, cloth
pins, canes, hot wax and others. We will apply various techniques and cover
safety issues. Every instrument, every technique creates a different
sensation and permits a specific experience, but they all have one thing in
common: it is about connection and trust, And about power and devotion on
both sides.

The workshop is suitable for beginners, but also for experienced players
looking for a different approach or seeking to refine their technique. I use
all the knowledge that I acquired in 25 years of exploring dance, body work,
touch and BDSM.
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