The Sensuality of the Senses in the Biospheric Dance – Paola Motto

How can we touch the immense sensuality that comes with us from our interplanetary travel to birth?

From the myth of Theseus as a symbol of the initiatory journey, this workshop is born with the intention of stimulating the sensual life of our senses, in connection with that ancestral – primordial memory. And from there, display the game so that memory can animate the infinite dance, through the imaginary she wakes up.

The essential invitation is to develop our carnal empathy with the living world that sustains us; enjoy the wonder and pleasure that can bring to us our immersion in the landscape of the multivocal universe (feel ourselves Nature); return to our senses to discover how our experience flows in a huge frame of perceptions and feelings, as reflected by an uncountable number of other human and nonhuman bodies.

The dynamics proposes the creation of conditions to reach a synaesthetic perception: combined activity of sensory interaction, essence of our relationship, mixture of receptivity and creativity whose indomitable and participatory logic ramifies and develops itself to become in expression. An affective-magical-mythical see, that allows us to live all perceived as an energy field, as a new nexus of experience, as a new way to open up to the gift of the Other and in this way can access to his / her intimity.

From this space of play, the purpose is to deploy through the Movement (in duos, trios, quartets and solos), the sensuality that can be discovered in resonance with that dimension of smells, tastes, colors, textures and pulsating rhythms, heated by the sun and full of seeds that is the Biosphere: the matrix of life from we are born, organic network of interconnected phenomena which our sensitive body belongs. And from there, to live the joy and gratitude for the reciprocity between the human animal and the Earth where it inhabits.

What relationships can exist between this way of being that is the odor-flavor-color-image-texture-sound we feel or we bring inside, and that other way of being which is the co-created dance? We will investigate how this connection can generate a sensual language, a dramaturgy of the skin, resulting in a particular way of “dancing the world”.

In subtle dialogue with Hermann Hesse´s The Metamorphosis of Piktor and other stories.

(Some expressions taken from David Abram, The Magic of the Senses, Ed Kairós; woskshops of Enrique Vargas and Pablo Friedländer, and diverse traditions of original cultures).

- Feel the ways in which, in contact with the Elements and the Earth´s native forms, our senses come to power and subtlety, allowing an access to the beginning of transformation that is present in the day to day.
Open a space of freedom and praise of the singularity, providing the elements in an homeopathic way for the cosmos of each dancer can resonate from the game and find her/his creative uniqueness there.
- C
ultivate lightness and essentiality as ways to create a dance or tell a story with a single resource to link the interior with the outside world, in the here and now.
- Draw bridges between the conscious and the unconscious through the symbol
, as experience that concentrates the psychic energy of human beings and allows us to leave the literal identification, revealing to the world as a place full of possibilities to find meaning.
- Create conditions for the emergence of synchronicity
, through concrete experiences and plays that reveal it like an everyday possibility.
Recognize the touch and be touched as a mirror of the sensual:
also to be aware of how
the world perceives itself through us, and how when we touch (for example) the crust of a tree we may experiencing at the same time our own “tactile”.
- Promote the
Biocentric culture, cooperative in our mutual care, respectful of all manifestations of life, remembering that we are nature and she is who sustains us.
Share a process of collective and individual learning on the way to the art of love.

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