Collaborative Documentation – Andreas Demmel

you know… i feel myself in a way as a kind of a witness for all festival(s) process(es). not only last year (as i had the chance to be with you in building up the energy) but also in between the festivals, i often felt you and the festival and was in contact with many people about what happened, which also led me to start the email thread about emotional safety issues [link to thread here]

I also talked with a lot of people in other festivals/jams about it – and from my perspective it was very helpful for some people to write about their experience and through this to structure, become clearer and re-define. You could see enormous willingness to reflect and go with the flow in all of this.

What I will offer for the t&p festival 2011 is a continuation of this process of reflecting, writing, witnessing, observing: seeing where it leads, watching the group energy that creates the “hidden choreography” of the festival and engaging people to ask themselves from time to time: what is actually going on here?

For this we will create structures to collect thoughts, impressions, feelings throughout the festival and afterwards (perhaps even more so afterwards): everything from sentences & questions to short essays & interviews and more.

So that after the festival or after the big wave is rolling out a few weeks afterwards I will put together a co-created, co-reflected, co-written document (maybe even illustrated with pictures) that serves on the one hand as a source of reflection and on the other hand as a platform for new creativity in the future. Like the section of the homepage “Why is it so cool?” writing things down helps to get the whole story better, even for people who are not into all of this and just at some point get the chance to read it.

I mainly thought of working with text but as the process at the venue starts we will see if we also offer opportunities to draw pictures – which mostly can say more than words (or even other forms of expression)

I really welcome that there will also be other researchers documenting the festival (in audio, video, photo, text etc.) . So this will help us to believe afterwards that it really happened and to see again what actually happened.