Ralf Jaroschinski

Ralf Jaroschinski was born in Southern Germany and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He trained to become a dancer in Hannover, Germany, and New York City, USA, and has a diverse 25 years’ dance background (classical, folk, modern, postmodern).  He directed the dance company of the Hildesheim City Theater and worked as a guest choreographer for several universities and national ballet companies in Germany.

He has 15 years of experience in dancing contact improvisation and 10 years in teaching it at various contact improvisation festivals, dance schools and studios mainly in Germany, Sweden, the US, Brazil, and Peru.  Since three seasons, he trains the dancers of the Gothenburg and Stockholm’s Cullberg Ballet in contact improvisation.  He also creates work based on this technique in Germany and the US.  Ralf developed “Sensual Contact Improvisation for Men” in 2008/ 2009 in San Francisco, where he has taught three series of classes with this topic since.


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