Food and catering

Provided to you by Can Masdeu

Throughout the whole T&P event (Experiment, Festival and Post-Intensive) free fought individuals from Daniel’s anarchist, eco-community, Can Masdeu from the foothills of Barcelona will be catering to us. They will provide us with two warm meals and an extensive buffet breakfast every day.

The chefs will focus on providing us with delicious and nurturing food that is:

  • Seasonal
  • Local
  • Organic
  • Largely vegetarian

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided for the full duration of the T&P Experiment and Festival starting with Dinner on the Saturday the 18th and ending with a large festive brunch on Monday the 27th

If you’ve been invited as researcher to the Experiment food will be provided starting with dinner on Sat the 18th and ending with breakfast on the 23rd. For the post festival intensive food will be catered starting with breakfast on the Wed 29th and ending with dinner on the Sat the 2nd of July.

VERY IMPORTANT -  There is a limited amount of crockery and cutlery at the venue. If you can bring some, that will be helpful