The Soft Man — Ralf Jaroschinski

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This is a specific, sensual take on contact improvisation which focuses on exploring male sensuality within a safe and contained environment.  That way, the participants will be able to fully concentrate on and enjoy investigating the broad variety of tactile sensations while making physical contact with other male bodies without needing to shy away from gentleness, playfulness, tenderness, and intimacy amongst men.

Thus, leaving competitiveness behind and possibly redefining male sensuality, this exploration will naturally and very efficiently sharpen the men’s sensibility for their own curiosity, boundaries and desires, and be a delicious and very sensual process in itself.

The class will consist in exercises about centering and increasing the participants’ physical and senses-related awareness.  These will be followed by sensuous body-work including various possibilities of enjoying male touch actively and passively.  And then, thematic improvisations about a variety of aspects connected to this topic will lead to dances which will feel deeply connected, thrilling, and exquisite.

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