Anna Jussilainen

is a mover, dance and performance artist, teacher, and investigator who also loves singing. She has been studying and teaching Contact Improvisation for several years and organizes the Finnish Contact Festival *Skiing on Skin*.

Her dance education was based on somatic techniques and she has been exploring the body through improvisation, BMC, release technique, Authentic Movement, Feldenkreis, yoga, and voice.

Anna is a member in the performance artists’ company *Reality Research Center* in Finland and her work has been largely focused on bodily interaction with the audience. This has led her to study a Postgrado course on Sensorial Language and Poetics of Play in Barcelona with Teatro de los Sentidos/Universidad de Girona. Lately she has thus been increasingly interested in the poetics of touch, playing, and sensorial experiences.

Besides the dancer’s education she also holds an M.A. in Cultural Research, majoring in the Study of Religions. She has always been interested in different cultures and spirituality, different ways of interaction and of creating realities, which has brought her to work a lot in community settings. During the last years she has directed and coordinated various community dance projects for non-dancers.

Read about Anna’s ‘Bodily Poetics’ proposal here