Linda Priha

To study and to ask
To laugh and to enjoy
To jump up and to fall down
To make weird voices
To stay interested
To meet and to listen, to say
To scratch and to love
To breathe
I believe in Here and Now
I believe in chaos inside the harmony,
in harmony inside the chaos
My body is a stage. I am a witness
My mind is active and my soul is free

Linda Priha is a freelance dancer, performer, dance teacher and body worker. She is a Master of Arts (dance department, Theatre Academy in Helsinki) and has been working since 2005 in the dance field in Finland and abroad. She’s been working with choreographers like Tomi Paasonen (coming spring 2011), Satu Tuittila, Jyrki Karttunen, Pipaluk Supernova (Denmark) and William Petit (France). She’s also been working in the experimental one-to-one performances of Julius Elo in the Reality Research Centre in Helsinki.

Besides working in groups Priha is also creating her own work (a solo on the tour now: …of my PunkLoveRockChild), teaching work shops (mostly in dance), performing in improvisation happenings, co-arranging a performance impro club, participating in different festivals and workshops around Europe (for instance Ponderosa Tanzland, Ibiza Flow and many Schwelle 7 events). Priha writes about dance and body related subjects to the Finnish Dance web magazine: Liikekieli and is one of the organizers of the Skiing on skin contact improvisation festival in Finland. Besides dance and movement Priha is practising yoga, meditation, singing, sex, different languages, playing guitar (way too little!), being a world citizen…

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