Documenting our Touch&Play

At this year’s event there will be a number of collaborative documentation initiatives to capture , share and analyse our research and play. The T&P project aims to promote the exploration of the edges of contact and believes that recording our work will aid both our project and any others exploring related subjects.

We’ve planned three distinct documentation tracks:

  1. Video
  2. Photo
  3. Writing

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Collaborative Documentation - Andreas Demmel

What I will offer for the t&p festival 2011 is a continuation of this process of reflecting, writing, witnessing, observing: seeing where it leads, watching the group energy that creates the “hidden choreography” of the festival and engaging people to ask themselves from time to time: what is actually going on here?

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Play & Touch and Touch & Play - Karin Flores

This photography project aims to go deep into the theme of the festival, taking the necessary care with the privacy and comfort of the participants. I propose to make an artistic documentary at the festival.

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Framing the Senses — Marina Tsartsara

The research that I would like to focus on during these days is framing the experience of sensuality and intimacy in Contact Improvisation. I would call it ‘framing the senses’, and it will focus on the ‘exterior’ point of view/camera framing of the performance/presentation through the senses.

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