T&P Experiment Application

Applications can still be considered and should be sent to: research@touchandplay.org by 31 March

The T&P Experiment (18-23 June) is for a small group of teachers, performers, researchers and other professionals from the world of CI and T&P related disciplines to explore the edges of contact in a rigorous and anarchic space. This will feed back into the festival through workshops, labs, discussion,  jam structures etc. Applicants must be able to attend the festival (23-27 June) as well as the Experiment and be willing to contribute to the holding of the festival.

The Experiment is offered free of charge to those that are selected. Experimenters are however expected to participate in the ensuing festival and are asked to pay the normal registration fee (€250,-).

  • We have a substantial fund to help pay researchers’ travel expenses. Priority is given to those who book early and avoid air travel….
  • A limited number of work exchange positions is also available for those with financial difficulties.

For more information about the Experiment click here

To apply for a research position in this Year’s T&P experiment please follow the instructions below

  1. Send us a proposal of what you would like to explore at the Experiment and/or contribute to the Festival (please use the colour coded table from the Experiment page to help us situate your proposal)
  2. Provide whatever background information about you and your research you feel is appropriate – include a photo & short bio (max 150 words)  for the “Who” page of this website
  3. Wait for a reply from the T&P team
  4. Fill in the festival application form
  5. Make Festival registration payment
  6. Wait for confirmation of payment and verification of a place at the Experiment and Festival

All correspondance concerning the experiment can be directed to: research@touchandplay.org