Playful Physics — Robert Anderson

I’d like to blend the fluid notions of physics and chemistry inside CI with the use of play as the coagulant.

I’d like to offer a workshop (very much in the style of a laboratory) on the theme of expanding our potential to play within the form of contact improvisation. I believe that the form offers a wonderful structure for adults to meet and explore parts of themselves that are usually kept hidden away.

For the last couple of yeas I’ve been teaching classes and workshops I’ve called Playful Physics where I’ve been working on ways to give people an understanding of the movement fundamentals within CI that enable people to play. In the context of the Touch & Play festival I’d like to go much further in exploring how we can take more risks and expand the palette of possibilities in the use of touch, direction and intention.

Building on certain playful image-based exercises that are designed to awaken both body and imagination I’d like to explore working with domination/directing and

submission/yielding inside the dance form. I’d also like to look at how we playfully integrate forms of sensual touch normally censored/omitted from our dances. I’m curious to explore how we can open into more charged and intense forms of playful interaction within the dance whilst still asserting and respecting our boundaries. This is where I think the return to an almost child-like form of play can help us to take risks and learn from our experiences.

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