Sensuality as a State of Awareness and Internal Experience — Karl Frost

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(a 2 hour festival workshop)

Sensuality is often conceptualized as something we do to or with someone else. In this workshop, we explore sensuality as the pleasure of the senses, focussing primarilly on proprioception (the sensorial experience of the body, primarilly originating in proprioceptive in sensory information from nerves in the joints and muscles). We seek and experience the pleasure of the opening and articulation of the joints.

By releasing excess tension from around the joints and acting from a place of non-reactive calm, the joints are allowed more freedom and are more lubricated via the synovial fluid. We take pleasure in the proprioceptive sensations of our own movement, both solo and in collaboration with another. we examine the difference between a focus on the experience I am having vs the experience i am co-creating in my partner. From this ground in the pleasure of proprioception, we expand out into experience rooted in other senses. a mixture of exercises and open play rooted in specific sensorial focusses.

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