Meditation, Sensing and Surrender — Linda Priha


At the moment I am very much into different dynamic meditational practices (Osho meditations and others alike). I am interested in how through practicing them I can often find total surrender, letting go and being in Here and Now.

This is where I’m starting from when contributing in the Touch&Play experiment: facilitating a hard core meditational practice to begin with and then continuing towards a movement and touch exploration. In this exploration we begin with sensing the skin and surrendering to its’ sensations. Then we continue in playing with the idea of surrendering to the heart, to the feet, to the bones, to the lungs…

I am intrigued to work from the following ideas:

- What if I am interested and enjoy (in what I’m doing and exploring..) – what if this makes it all interesting to the other one as well (whether him/her being an audience member, my contact partner, my sex buddy or my BDSM partner)?
- The more I surrender to this space and time= the more I surrender to myself, = the more I surrender to my partner = the more I surrender to existence = the more I surrender to this space and time…
- What if the more I perceive = the more easily I dance, move, touch, sing…. Everything starting from perception, awareness and acceptance?
- Sensual, sexual pleasure: the more I perceive, the more I enjoy, the more I create pleasure..?
- Intense pain – total meditation, total here and now?

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